ICS I-200 Instructor Led Online Course
$393.75 (CAD)
Estimated Length: 16 hour(s)
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This ICS Canada certified ICS 200 online course provides training and resources for personnel who are likely to fill a supervisory position using the Incident Command System within their organization and enables personnel to operate efficiently during an emergency. 


This remotely facilitated online course provides all of the interaction of our classroom course, from the convenience of your home or office.  


To meet ICS Canada's requirements, this ICS 200 course is based around two 8 hour days. To measure how well you received and retained this information, there will be an examination covering all the course material. The exam must be completed in one sitting. 


An ICS Canada certified ICS 100 course is a pre-requisite for taking this ICS 200 course. 


This ICS 200 course is a pre-requisite for ICS 300 and above. 


Our instructors are certified ICS Canada instructors. 


Cancellation Policy: Courses dropped 10 or more days prior to the start of the course are eligible for a full refund. Courses may be rescheduled within the 10 days but are not eligible for a refund. 


H2Safety has certified over 5,000 students in ICS 100 and ICS 200, conducts more than 300 emergency response training exercises annually and provides emergency response support for live incidents. For more information on H2Safety Services please visit www.h2safety.ca. 

IC 200
ICS 200